Joshua Callaghan

Shoe Fossil (2010)

1 x 12.5 x 4.5 inch Concrete
Edition of 5

Price: $150

Joshua Callaghan

From the unfinished song "Autobiography"
By Joshua Callaghan

I was young before I got like this.
And I was like other kids.
I wet my pants,
obsessed with Kiss,
because they seemed so dangerous.

Growing up my family moved around.
I got used to being new in town.
I would adapt,
or get the crap
beat out of me, by the bully of the class.

I grew to almost six foot three
on frozen pizza poverty,
and luncheon meats,
rice crispy treats
and generic cheese.

Studied art and anthropology
to learn about my family,
The animal that came from trees
with capacity
for irony.

Artist Bio

Joshua Callaghan is a Los-Angeles based artist.

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