Nicholas Grider

'Flower Scan #9' ( 2013 )

8 x 10 in, lightjet
edition of 5

Price: $100

Nicholas Grider

Excerpt from Fixture


or short supply of taking stock, short, sharp sticks, or reverse-engineering or stiletto math, or sleepwalking

keep the light on for a gentleman, or shut the door, or keep the door, employ the door

or shut another door, the other sour

hamstrung ham-fisted and/or where is your how do I apologize, how do I apologize, who am I, what am I apologizing for, what went wrong, what

got sold down the river, or got sold down, got


or slithering, again, or silence, or concrete and silence and endless possibility


and/or accumulation, or

nightswimming pretending to pray or making do

or do


or an or outside of hearing range his dog whistle his whistle his crocodile tears a tear in the fabric a teacup full of possibility, possibly, or an espresso instead of fellowship

or fellowship because you can have fries with that, you can’t come in here

mistaken identity, unmarked doorway, lag in response time for manufactured brow-wrinkling

or who are you, what are you to him, or who is he, a who’s who


or maybe yes maybe “he’s just this much into you” at night or as holiday or you’re not welcome in his house he calls a home but you’re a delivery, travel light, leave the light on?

instruction manuals on how things get this way

or trial and error and error and canceled appointments

or marquee the end, or the endlessness of both possibility and apology


steamroller is the real world the real word for the apologia or there was a forgotten or


“blackbirds, backwards, forwards and fall” or say what you mean and say it mean, hello sailor,

or this could be the saddest oracle icicle incident twisted knickers and you can’t go wrong, who are you

or you go wrong, and then you go wrong


Artist Bio

Nicholas Grider is an artist and writer who has shown his work internationally and whose first book, the short story collection Misadventure, will be published by A Strange Object in February, 2014.

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