Ragen Moss

‘Contest Piece No. 1’, 2015

9 x 5 x4 inches, PETG and acrylic paint

Ragen Moss

Submit your best photographs of the sky [1] for a chance to win the "Contest Piece No. 1" Contest!

The winner will receive one (1) original sculpture [2] by Ragen Moss entitled: "Prize No. 1" (approx. 9"x 5"x 4"). Entries are $15 per photo, and there is no limit to the number of photos you can enter. The deadline to enter is October 31, 2015, and we'll announce the winner on or around November 15, 2015.

So, click here to submit your sky photos for a chance to win [3] Moss's piece "Prize No. 1”!


[1] “Blue sky laws” are regulations put out by states to protect investors against the fraudulent exchange of securities. The term "blue sky law" flows from the concept that certain securities have as much value as a patch of blue sky. Blue sky laws prevent bad actors from selling ephemeral areas of blue sky to uninformed investors.

[2] Exchange value applied within aesthetics is detached from any labor theory of value and is instead tied to an investment model as seen with stocks and bonds. Art's systems (criticism, institutional support, publication) and the penultimate enabler of those systems--namely, the laws that comprise art's deregulation and tax exemption--directly impact the exchange value of an art object.

[3] Lotteries and gambling are generally prohibited activities. State lotteries are an exception, as are licensed gambling forums. The former is solely a public revenue driver; the latter is a driver of revenue for public interest, but also hefty revenue for private interests. Asides from these, no one can run a lottery or gambling establishment.

Artist Bio

Ragen Moss works on regimes of representation, both visual and political. Her projects treat viewers as full citizen-beings capable of integrating the political self with aesthetic perception. Recent work deals with the tenor, texture, and political frameworks of Care and treats the act of Caring as an epic matter that merits full-forward attention; work in-progress addresses the complexity of Speech and its relationship to protest, civic-formation, and individuation in the face of formal political spheres.

Moss holds an MFA from UCLA in Interdisciplinary Studio, a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Columbia University, and a Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law. She is an active member of The State Bar Association of California and practices law with a specialty in financial, technology, and new media issues. She also runs the site www.view-inter-view.com where artists and others have a place to give their practices a solid workout.

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