Am Nuden Da

3729-4000mm, 2011

271mm, 50mm engraved stainless steel tube
and 8' x 10' c-type print
unique edition of 1 for MATERIAL

Price: $200

Am Nuden Da

3729-4000mm, 2011
by Am Nuden Da

Six words costumes three people –

Nurses love engines

Complications arise again

That’s empty nurse prevails

Apparently too long

One artist breeds

Straightness lies on top

All completion is a

Polls should support ceilings and floors and conceptual parameters of nonsense without deviation let alone deviation repetition or repetition or visit over Jones one nonsense Jones what in the sense that climb out from that loud stomachs are suited or perhaps just all suitable for climbing poles cannot sustain polls universally alas I can’t find a flooding position occupy a ball and I’m occupied the interrogator ball is no intelligible suitable nonsense this conversation should not and you should

(from Session_14_Structure)


Am Nuden Da's project is an extract from a live work they did as part of Session_14_Structure. The text was created with Dragon dictation, which they each carried on their phones for the duration of the show, and then daily recorded and posted the ongoing dialogue struggling to add up.

Artist Bio

Am Nuden Da began in 2008 and is an ongoing conversation between three people. Between 2008-10 Am Nuden Da organised a number of exhibitions at their former space in East London, UK including Session_7_Words with Material in 2009. Recent exhibitions include: Session_12_Words+Untitled, at Four Boxes Gallery, Krabbesholm, Denmark, Session_15_Press Release, curated by FormContent at BolteLang, Zurich, Session_16_Press Release, curated by Vincent Honoré at MONITOR, Rome, GLAZE, curated by George Henry Longly at Bischoff/Weiss, London, Session_18_Flatworks in collaboration with Cally Spooner at OUTPOST, Norwich and Session_19_Structure at Die Raum, Berlin. Forthcoming projects include a series of events at the ICA, London, August 2011 and a book publication in collaboration with Krabbesholm Højskole, autumn 2011.

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