Ian James

'When I call you to come to Sedona, you know I will meet you in Sedona (auto shade)’, 2014

Pigment print on kraft paper mounted to scored cardboard, & three 4 x 6" photographs, 30" x 45"
edition of 8 (3/8, 4/8, 5/8 for MATERIAL)

Price: $150

Ian James

When I call you to come to Sedona, you know I will meet you in Sedona.

We left the car on the side of the road and walked into Boynton Canyon.

Hoping to pass over the unwanted truth that we'd soon be stranded.

Farther into the canyon., the Vortex energy increased. Our anxious emotional states amplified. We walked in silence. I had visions of snake bites and violent death by red rock. I tried to force them out as the trail narrowed.

The car baked in the sun as the gasket-stricken engine cooled.

We were in deep. To go on felt idiotic, but so did turning back. The trail twisted around the rock formations, cutting deeper into the canyon as it narrowed and eventually fell away.

The light then followed.

We're turning around, she said. This trail is not a loop.

We abandoned the car in Cottonwood.

Artist Bio

Ian James was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1981 and lives in Los Angeles. His work has shown at Chin's Push, Pepin Moore, Charlie James, REDCAT, and has performed at the Hammer Museum, Liz Glynn's Black Box, Knowledges at the Mt. Wilson Observatory, Night Gallery and Human Resources. He recently published the book Industrial Color/Light Test through Golden Spike, runs the artist project space metro pcs with Matt Siegle, and was awarded a 2014 Rema Hort Mann Foundation YoYoYo grant. He received his MFA at CalArts and is an adjunct assistant professor at Otis College of Art & Design.

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